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XV Anniversary Celebration of LAB | Bioclinical Analytical Laboratory

In 2018, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of LAB | Bioclinical Analytical Laboratory from Spain. The know-how, experience and professionalism of each individual employee made this possible. The project continues growing.

On the occasion of the anniversary, a gala dinner was held at the Hotel Envía Golf de Almería. The entire team of the LAB, its founders, as well as other managers of  Spanish Tentamus Laboratories were part of the evening. The founders and CEOs of Tentamus Group Abgar Barseyten and Dr. Jochen Zoller also joined this special event.

Juan Ramírez Cassinello, Managing Director of LAB, opened the event by thanking the entire team for their dedication and enthusiasm. He mentioned M ª Elena Hernández, Technical Director and Deputy Managerof LAB, as an important supporter of the company. In addition, Juan Ramírez Cassinello identified the three core values on which his business strategy is based: Reliability, competence and effectiveness.

Then Jose Luis Martínez Vidal and Javier Martínez del Rio, (founding partners and managing directors of LAB during all these years) dedicated their gratitude to all the professionals who contributed to the development of the project. Finally, Abgar Barseyten concluded appreciating the entire team for the ascending development of the laboratory.

The dinner ended with an exciting raffle of many gifts among all LAB employees, music, good conversations and a “photocall” where everyone could share their moments of joy and pride in the team.

Once again, we would like to thank all LAB employees for their commitment and dedication.

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