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#WorkersWednesday Part 9

It’s #WorkersWednesday! This means every wednesday, an employee of the Tentamus Group is introduced in this category.

Today we would like to introduce Andrea to you. She is the CEO of our bacteriophages expert MicroMol.


You & Tentamus


1. Please introduce yourself briefly and tell us in which department you work.

I am the CEO of MicroMol that was founded from my husband and me in 1996. As a microbiologist my duty was the microbiological laboratory and based upon the analytical results I became a consultant explaining their meaning and developing corrective actions together with the clients. Meanwhile my tasks are more in the management but I still love to conduct audits, consult or give trainings.

2. How does your daily workday look like?

Starting at 07:45 I check mails, serve the social media, discuss the ongoing projects with the laboratory team, organization and administration has to be done. Lots of calls with clients, creating offers or writing reports fill the afternoon. I leave at 17:00 h to catch my son after school and normally take some literature with me to read it at home.

3. What do you like most about your job?

To have the honour to be the supervisor of such a great and experienced and engaged team!

4. What would you tell potential applicants?

No matter what you do, do it wholeheartedly. Then it’s fun, whatever it is.

5. What superpower would make your work more enjoyable?

I would love to be able to beam like Capitain Kirk or apparate like Harry Potter to save the time that I have to drive between home and lab.



These 3 hashtags describe me best:

#pleasant        #openminded        #power


My 3 hashtags to Tentamus:

#team       #reliable         #honest

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