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#WorkersWednesday Part 8

It’s #WorkersWednesday! This means every wednesday, an employee of the Tentamus Group is introduced in this category.

Today we would like to tell you more about Florian. He is project manager at the Tentamus IT department.


You & Tentamus


1. Please introduce yourself briefly and tell us in which department you work.

I am a Mathematician with a B.Sc. from Free University of Berlin and an M.Sc. from Technical University of Berlin. Since I always liked to broaden my horizon, I took a diverse selection of jobs in the service and industry sector during my studies – from PR assistant to night auditor. So, together with the mathematician’s natural superpower of abstraction and logic on my side, I started at Tentamus IT to save its (bilacon hygiene) users – and soon thereafter the whole world (of Tentamus at least)!

All kidding aside, I’m leading multiple IT projects for hygiene, sample purchasing and logistics tools and apps at the moment.

Also, I’m a real Berliner! Yes, I do need to mention that, our species is getting rarer in my age group seemingly. 🙂

2. How does your daily workday look like?

Some permutations of mails, phonecalls, meetings, solving tickets, coffee/tea, programming, updating wiki articles and project milestones, ordering others to do any of the mentioned. Also, fierce table football matches during lunch breaks.

3. Can you remember your first week here? How did you find it at your new workplace?

I remember it quite vividly, starting when the hygiene team was in quite a pinch. I recall there being some kind of odd problem in the hygiene tool. Although I never worked with it before, I made the right guess on what was wrong, immediately gaining the praise of my colleagues. That was quite the uplifting experience. And since I continued to get a lot of moral support, I have really enjoyed my new workplace.

4. What do you like most about your job?

The team is super cool. Everybody helps each other out – while cracking a joke or two to lighten things up. On another note, I like the projects I work on for being diverse and challenging but rewarding.

5. What would you tell potential applicants?

Tentamus is especially interesting because you will not be just another gear in a huge company’s machinery but you yourself can really make a difference. Hierarchies are low, tasks are challenging and interesting and there’s still room to grow together and as a company.

6. What superpower would make your work more enjoyable?

Creating temporary doppelgangers for ultimate multitasking.



These 3 hashtags describe me best:

#Determination        #Ludophile      #AllTheIdioms


My 3 hashtags to Tentamus:

#LoveToAnalyze        #Quality      #ConnectingEqualsGrowth

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