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#WorkersWednesday Part 19

New interview in our category #WorkersWednesday


Today, we would like to introduce you to Mari Paz from Laboratorio Control in Madrid, Spain. She is Sales Manager.
Enjoy reading her interview!



You & Tentamus


1. Please introduce yourself briefly and tell us in which department you work.

I dedicate a part of my time to the management and coordination of the implemented quality system together with the technical managers.
Another part of my time is dedicated to the technical consulting and the support of the inquiries of the customer accounts managed by me.

2. How does your daily workday look like?

Intense 🙂

3. Can you remember your first week here? How did you find it at your new workplace?

I have been working at Laboratorio Control since 1994 and remember the first week perfectly. On the one hand, I was very enthusiastic to start a new phase of my career and on the other hand I had a certain fear to face the challenge to work in an area I didn’t know. Before, I had developed my profession in clinical or research laboratories.

4. What do you like most about your job?

First and foremost, that it is not routine work, but a job that requires constant training and further education.

5. What would you tell potential applicants?

Get involved and learn as much as possible!

6. What superpower would make your work more enjoyable?

Make the day have more hours.




These 3 hashtags describe me best:

#disciplined #versatile #responsible


My 3 hashtags to Tentamus:

#quality #reliability #innovation




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