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#WorkersWednesday Part 10

It’s #WorkersWednesday! This means every wednesday, an employee of the Tentamus Group is introduced in this category.

This is Annika. She is test manager at our laboratory for coffee, tea and honey, QSI.


You & Tentamus


1. Please introduce yourself briefly and tell us in which department you work.

I studied food chemistry at Bergische Universität Wuppertal. After finishing my practical year, where I learned everything about food law in the EU, I joined QSI in 2013 and started working as Test Manager.

2. How does your daily workday look like?

I receive test results from the lab, review them, evaluate them and finally sign them and send them off to our customers. I am generally responsible for the evaluation of test results regarding European food law, including label checks.

I am also the contact person for customers in case they have any questions about analyses or results. Additionally I am responsible for sensory analyses at QSI, which includes – besides the daily routine – staff training or external trainings.

3. Can you remember your first week here? How did you find it at your new workplace?

There was so much information and so much to learn. I learned a lot about the different departments and about the products tested at QSI.

My colleagues were really nice and included me instantly into the team.

4. What do you like most about your job?

My job is very versatile. Besides the routine, every day is different and brings new challenges.

5. What would you tell potential applicants?

Join the team! It gives you a great opportunity to develop yourself and grow within the team.

6. What superpower would make your work more enjoyable?

No need for sleep would be great. That would give me so much more time to get stuff done during the day.



These 3 hashtags describe me best:

#fitness       #traveltheworld       #adventures


My 3 hashtags to Tentamus:

#labsforlife      #teamwork      #quality

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