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Welcome Laboratorio Juan Antonio Tello, S.L.

Berlin, 1st August 2017

Laboratorio Juan Antonio Tello, S.L. joins Tentamus Group based in Berlin, Germany

“Tello” was founded in 2007 and is based in Jaén, Southern Spain. They offer testing services for olives and olive oil. Tello is accredited by ENAC according to ISO/IEC 17025 and employs close to 50 technical experts for matters regarding olives.

Abgar Barseyten, CEO of Tentamus Group says, “We are in the lab business. As our slogan, says ‘Labs for Life.’ Our labs throughout the globe align well with high-end food testing and in-particular food authenticity. Our goal is to capture at least a top 3 position of the global food authenticity market over the next few years. This will be achieved through organic growth at our global authenticity hub in Bremen (Germany) and specialized labs in targeted industries across our key markets.”

Mr. Juan Antonio Tello, founder and CEO states. “We have come a long way in our core business of olive and olive oil testing. We have always strived to maintain quality work by hiring quality team members from the olive oil industry, and hiring top notch junior scientists fresh from college and moulding them to our culture. Our growth in the past years has been exponential. However, as a business we still need to be able to expand our services while maintaining healthy growth. The marriage of Tello with Tentamus Group who wishes to expand its high-end analytical testing in the world is music to my ears in the sense that I don’t have to grow to areas that are outside of my expertise. At Tello our motto has always been ‘Growth Through Quality’ and this will help us reach that goal while maintaining ‘Quality.’”

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