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VELTIA Labs for Life becomes the youngest member of relana®

At the beginning of 2021 the Headquarter laboratory of VELTIA Labs for Life, that is located in Thessaloniki, Greece has proudly become the youngest member of relana® circle. Even though VELTIA’s commitment to high standard of services has been proven for many years, the invitation for joining relana®’s circle was the result of hard work and a moral satisfaction for everyone.

It is well known that the analysis of contaminants and pesticides is a big part of VELTIA’s field of services. Companies not only from Greece, Balkans, Cyprus and Turkey, but from all around Europe trust the laboratory in order to provide safe and secure results. This is why VELTIA Labs for Life is recognized by many organizations that are related to the safety and quality of the pesticide residues analyses, such as QS, BNN, Coresta and GAFTA.  

The high-end equipment combined with the expert knowledge of VELTIA’s specialized staff gives the laboratory the ability to carry out high quality analyses. This way, VELTIA ensures the best possible know-how and the tools to meet all the challenges of the future and the demands of the market.

Ready to face the next challenge!


About VELTIA Labs for Life

VELTIA Labs for Life carries out analyses in Fruits & Vegetables, Food & Feed, Water & Waste, Soil & Plant tissues, Oils & Olives and also operates a Field Studies Department. The lab provides Physio-chemical, Instrumental, Microbiological, Molecular and Sensory Tests.  VELTIA’s clients can take advantage of its Consultancy Services in order to ease their real work. Further information can be found at https://www.veltialabs.gr/en/


If you have any questions about VELTIA’s services, please do not hesitate to contact:

George Stratakis
Commercial Manager
+30 2310 797479 (ext. 402)

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