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Microbiological Services at VelaLabs Facilities fully operational in July

Vienna, May 2020: Last year in June, VelaLabs, part of the Tentamus Pharma division, acquired the pharmaceutical test laboratory “Laboratorium für Betriebshygiene GmbH” (LABH). LABH is focusing on microbiological services such as sterility testing in accordance with Ph. Eur. requirements as well as environmental control and germ identification. Consulting in these areas is also part of the portfolio. These services will be integrated and carried out at the VelaLabs facilities located in the South of Vienna. The integration requires considerable reconstruction of the laboratory space.

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Despite challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the reconstruction of microbiology and sterility laboratories is rapidly progressing at VelaLabs. Reconstruction activities are totally separated from operational laboratory activities. Measures were also introduced to minimize the risk of coronavirus infections potentially impacting routine laboratory operations.

Uninterrupted microbiology testing will start in the new facilities in June. Sterility testing will start in July. Accreditations such as ISO17025 continue from LABH and be inspected by regulatory authorities until September.

Furthermore, to offer a one-stop shop for our valued customers, VelaLabs will also offer total organic carbon (TOC) testing in about the upcoming two months. TOC is the measurement of the total amount of carbon in organic compounds in pure water and aqueous systems which reflect the purity of the solutions.


About VelaLabs:


VelaLabs was founded in 2006 in the former Novartis Campus in Vienna. Since 2007, it is a GMP-certified service-oriented company with a focus on analytical and quality control of biopharmaceutical products, as well as clinical development of biosimilars, biologics and advanced therapy medicinal products.


If you have any questions or requests for sterility or microbiology testing as well as any other analytical services, please contact us via our general email velabd@vela-labs.at or give us a phone call at +43 189 059 7911.

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