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Transport, storage and disposal of pesticides

During transport, storage and disposal of pesticides, a number of regulations must be observed. Many of the pesticides approved in Germany are classified as hazardous substances within the scope of chemicals legislation and thus fall under the regulations of the Hazardous Substances Ordinance.




The transport of many pesticides is subject to the provisions of the dangerous goods transport law. Users should take precautions during transports to avoid contamination of people and the environment. Practically that means:

  • When loading, check that the containers are undamaged and tightly closed.
  • Secure the load in the transporter.
  • If pesticides leak out of the containers as a result of an accident, the fire department must be contacted.




Good professional practice in crop protection requires special care when storing crop protection products. The following must be observed:

  • The warehouse should be kept dry and clean.
  • Plant protection products may only be stored in their original packaging. Transfer to other receptacles is not permitted.
  • The storage room must be locked and secured against unauthorised access.
  • In the event of leaks, chemical binders and rags should be ready (dispose after use via the pollutant collection system).
  • If no expiry date is indicated on the package, the manufacturer guarantees a storage stability of two years. After that a sufficient effectiveness is no longer given in every case.
  • Keeping a stock list makes it easier to keep track of the stock.





Plant protection products which are no longer applicable due to overlay, end of approval and end of the period of use should be disposed. A legal disposal obligation exists if the product contains an active substance that has not been approved in the EU and the consumption period has expired, or if the product is subject to a complete ban under the Plant Protection Application Ordinance.

The disposal of pesticides is regulated by the Recycling Management Act and regulations. In addition to the actual pesticide, the packaging must also be disposed in an environmentally friendly manner.

The disposal of pesticides and packaging is possible via:

  • Disposal companies
  • Collections within the framework of special campaigns of the Agricultural Industry Association
  • Collection points of the districts/municipalities
  • Mobile hazardous substances (small quantities)

In addition, the Agricultural Industry Association has set up a system for the take-back and disposal of unusable pesticides. Crop protection agents, other agricultural chemicals such as detergents, oils, fertilizers, paints, etc., as well as sprayer filters, spray nozzles and no longer usable dressed seeds can be dispensed.



Source: BVL

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