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Tolerability of cosmetics

The most common trouble with cosmetical products are allergies and skin intolerances after usage. These can appear with itchy, inflamed or red skin – very uncomfortable.

Especially in the upcoming winter season, people prefer cremes and moisturizers to protect their skin from cold temperatures. Choosing the right and appropriate product facing a great variety in the drugstore, claiming “dermatologist-recommended”, “fragance-free” or “organic” is not the easiest task.

Dermatologist Dr. Xu, from the Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, and his team recently tested and evaluated 174 of the best-selling moisturizers particulary with regard to allergic ingredients. These products were chosen by the up-to-date-lists of the North American Contact Dermatitis Group and North American Contact Dermatitis Society.


Only 12% of the products were free of allergenes. The most common allergens were parabenes, fragrances and tocopherol. Even 45% of the products, which claim “frangrance-free”, showed a fragrance related ingredient. One reason for this is the permission for companies to use ingredients that are both: preservative and fragrance if the perservation is the primary purpose.

83% of the 15 products, which are claiming to be “hypoallergenic”, contained at least one allergen on the list.

However, it can happen that people don’t show any allergic symptomes at first but develop allergic reactions after a while because of the long usage period or overusage. Additionally, it always depends on the skin type which moisturizer, lotion or creme might be the best option.


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