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Toast – Testing the daily bread

Toast is generally understood to be a white bread which is toasted with a toaster. Nearly no breakfast table can be without the warm bread, which can be prepared quickly and easily. But what was the result of a recent test of various toasts?


Contamination with mineral oil


In eight out of 20 tested products, the mineral oil components MOSH and MOAH were found. MOSH are saturated hydrocarbons and MOAH and aromatic hydrocarbons. These can accumulate in the organs and can also be carcinogenic. MOSH / MOAH probably get into the bread via lubricants, in the machines used in production.


Elevated acrylamide levels detected in two samples


When certain amino acids or sugars are present in large quantities in cereal and potato products, acrylamide can be generated, which is carcinogenic. Acrylamide is a result of heating during toasting and is a byproduct of the Maillard reaction. Two of the samples tested showed elevated levels of acrylamide after toasting. The darker the toast is toasted, the more acrylamide is formed.


Toast must be crunchy!


Toast must be crispy and also fluffy and have an aroma typical of toast. In a sensory test, smell, taste, appearance and consistency are tested and evaluated. All the varieties tested convinced in this test. A sensory check of your products is important so that the quality is consistently good and your customers remain convinced.


Tentamus checks your toast product – for a safe breakfast table


To ensure that consumers can enjoy their toast for breakfast without worries, Tentamus laboratories check your products. We test for MOSH/ MOAH, acrylamide and sensory properties. We also assist you with the general marketability of your products, which includes a labeling test, as well as a microbiological analysis.


If you have any questions about our service, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert will be pleased to help you.


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Source: Ökotest

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