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Sandwich spread

The testing of sandwich spreads

Sandwich spread is one of the most diverse foods. This food supplies a wide flavour spectrum, with something available to all flavour pallets, which contributes to its popularity. 25 of the most popular sandwich spreads have recently been tested for additives, pesticides, pollutants, etc. with results being largely positive.

Of the 25 spreads tested, barely any products contained any additives, artificial aromas, or pesticides. Two of the spreads however, contained additives and pesticides, as well as heavy metals such as nickel and lead.

Key ingredients mentioned in the product name, such as tomatoes in tomato spread, must be quantitatively declared on the label according to QUID regulations. In some spreads, the key ingredient made up 62% of the product, whilst in other cases, this number was as low as 4%. In many cases, the spreads contained more tofu, oil, or water than the key ingredient.

Microbiological examinations yielded unremarkable results, and the spreads had excellent sensory profiles. In testing for pollutants however, many products contained 3-MCPD and Glycidyl Esters, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, and MOSH/MOAH among other pollutants.

The labelling declarations also fell short, with the food labels not specifying accurate storage conditions and ingredients. The product claims were also not very readable in a few cases.


How can Tentamus help sandwich spread manufacturers further improve their product?


Although the spreads scored positively in the tests, there were still some areas that could be enhanced. The Tentamus Group wants to help manufacturers raise their product standards from good to outstanding. We help you identify sources of contamination, testing your products to see if they are safe to consume and within the legal limits. Furthermore, we help improve your manufacturing process to increase the purity of your product by implementing GMP (good manufacturing processes).

Tentamus Labelling also has years of experience in helping food manufacturers optimize the labelling of their products. This ranges from providing correct product-related claims, to ensuring all the ingredients are accurately and completely labelled.


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Source: Stiftung Warentest

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