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Tentamus Young Women in High-Tech – Interview with Abgar Barseyten, CEO and Founder Tentamus Group GmbH

“Thinking Global, Acting Local” that is what Tentamus differs from the competitors. What does it exactly mean?

The Tentamus Group is a network of leading laboratories and consulting companies in more than 60 locations worldwide with the focus on products that we cannot do without in our daily lives. Capable of influencing us for better or worse, these products represent the most intimate contact to our daily lives; namely agriculture, food, supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical products.

Each of our locations is a leader in its segment. By networking our highly specialized laboratories, we are able to support our customers both locally at their production plants, however, furthermore as a global contact partner for their chain of custody. This enables us to meet their complex requirements and wishes by networking and collaborating within our group.


“Tentamus Young Women in High-Tech” – this is your latest scholarship & internship program. Could you please explain the program to us?

With our program, we want to get young talented females interested in high tech at an early stage. Unfortunately, there is still an imbalance in many areas of science. We want to encourage young females to work in our highly data driven industry. With our program, females have the opportunity to gain an insight into everyday high-tech life during or right after school and subsequently receive targeted support.


Can you tell us a little bit more about women in your company?

We have more than 3000 employees globally, but the proportion of women is remarkably high at close to 72%. We pay great attention to the fact that we have a high proportion of scientists at our locations and are very pleased that we have strong females in management positions at several locations. We are proud of the fact that we can say that all our employees with the same qualifications are paid equally, so that the frequent injustice between women and men plays no role at Tentamus.

It is also important to me that we have many working mums in positions of responsibility. Individual working hours, the possibility of working from home and flexibility make this very easy to implement.


Tentamus decided to support young women in science. How does this look in detail?

Before the young females decide to study high-tech, they can do an internship with us and see which of the different areas might be of interest to them. During their studies there are different possibilities, on the one hand they can apply for a scholarship and/or do various internships (paid) during their holidays (also at different locations/countries).

During the whole time the young talented ladies get a female mentor from us who accompanies them during their studies.


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