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Tentamus Spain implements new training program

The Tentamus Group Spain is starting a new initiative and training program for their sales forces. The aim of this program is to further develop a deeper knowledge of the analytical services within the Tentamus network of laboratories in the different sectors that are currently covered: Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Feed, Agriculture & Environment, Agrosciences, and Nutraceuticals.

The first meeting took place at Laboratorio Tello in Jaén (Spain) at the end of October. Javier Martínez (Country Manager of Tentamus Spain) and Montserrat Plaza (Sales Manager of Tentamus Spain) kicked the day off with presentations focused on the new sales philosophy that, from now on, will be lived by each laboratory of Tentamus Spain (Bioclinical Analytical Laboratory, Laboratorio Control, Kudam and Tello).

At the intensive two-day conference, sales staff, managers and the management team of Tentamus Spain had the opportunity to work together, build expertise in the broad range of services of each laboratory and also exchange ideas in order to further develop their services and abilities to meet customer requirements.

Without a doubt, a big step towards our objective of joining forces and presenting a global unit, which includes a wider, more competitive and attractive portfolio of analytical services for our clients.



Thanks to all the participants for being part of this project.

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