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Tentamus Management Academy – second edition initiated!

After the successful outcome of the first edition of the Management Academy in 2017, the Class of 2019 has started their journey with a joyful Meet & Greet in Portland, USA on Sunday the 10thof March. With a growing pool of hugely talented individuals within the Tentamus Group, 18 carefully selected participants started their 6-month journey to embrace their leadership potential. With the previous graduates already shaping the inner and outer workings of the Group, nothing shy of excellence is expected from this year’s graduates.

The Management Academy is a vital cornerstone in the successful advancement of the Tentamus Group. “Being in the service industry, our core competence lies within the people, making it our mission to develop and educate in order to jointly look into the future and not stand still”, Dr. Jochen Zoller (CEO, Tentamus Group). Facilitating communication, opportunities and the network itself, the Management Academy is a platform cultivating the successful leaders of tomorrow.

Split into three stages both geographically and in content, the Academy starts off with a tailored Program run by the Portland State University evolving around the core concepts of leadership and project management. The second stage evolves around the intercultural dynamics of working internationally and is held in Shanghai in co-operation with the Jiao Tong University. To round of the journey, the final stage is held in Berlin, focuses on negotiation and self-presentation skills taught by selected international experts.

Diverse, versatile yet experts in their respective field characterise the attendees. Made up of half a dozen nationalities, demographically and culturally diverse, every attendee not only runs through a practically orientated program, but also initiates and handles a group project utilizing the skills and tools learned within the Academy. Freshly certified as “working with and in China”, the candidates finalize their projects before heading into the final stage of the Academy, held in Berlin, the headquarter of the Tentamus Group.  

Upon completion, the candidates get a chance to show what they have learned and embrace the potential within them; presenting their projects. Certified with the Tentamus Management Academy, the candidates go back to their respective home-locations shaping the current and future framework of the Tentamus Group.



We wish the best of Luck to our current Management Academy Class!


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