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Tentamus initiates global 3-Stage leadership Academy

With a subtle yet fitting Meet & Greet on Sunday the 5th of March the Tentamus Academy started in Portland, USA. With the goal of utilizing the large pool of talented individuals within the group, the 15 carefully selected participants started their 6-month journey to embrace their leadership potential.

Split into three stages both geographically and in content, the Academy starts off with the core concepts of leadership in Portland. The second stage evolves around the intercultural dynamics of working internationally and is held in Shanghai. To round off the journey, the final stage is held in Berlin where the focus lies upon the core values of business. Starting in Portland, workshops evolving around the key points of leadership allow the candidates to get a taste of what it means to lead. Working together with the Portland State University, the participants run through a uniquely tailored program specific to the requirements of the Tentamus group.

Diverse and versatile, yet experts in their respective fields is a good characterization of the attendees. Made up of half a dozen nationalities, demographically and culturally diverse, every attendee not only runs through a practically orientated program, but also initiates and handles a self-developed project utilizing the skills and tools learned within the Academy. Developing their projects, the stage is set for Shanghai. Together with the Jiao Tong University, the intercultural differences, peculiarities and potential of working internationally is explored.

Freshly certified as “working with and in China”, the candidates finalize their projects before heading into the final stage of the Academy. Held in Berlin, the headquarter of Tentamus, the candidates engage in tailored programs from international experts, focusing on negotiation, finance and quality assurance. Upon completion, the candidates get a chance to show what they have learned and embrace the potential within them: presenting their projects. Certified with the Tentamus Academy Program, the candidates go back to their respective home-locations knowing what they are capable of and a new perspective.

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