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Freshness of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How do I know my Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not mixed with old oils?

High quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is known for its superior taste and general quality and is consequently sold for a premium price. However, only fresh olive oils show the best quality. But how do I know that oil is produced freshly and not just only old oil newly packaged or a mix of fresh and old oils?

The Spanish laboratory “Tello” and member of the Tentamus Group is specialized on the analysis of olives and olive oils. They analyze several hundred samples per year to answer exactly that question. To do that, Tello observes oxidation processes of naturally occurring substances in EVOO, namely Pheophytin and the oxidation product Pyropheophytin. The ratio of those substances is being used to estimate the age of an EVOO. Furthermore, mixing old to fresh EVOO can also be detected, as the ratio of these two substances would change when old oil is added and wouldn’t match the production date on the label. This adds an important method to the area of food fraud as it facilitates detection of fraudulently produced EVOO for which the consumer would pay a price the product is not worth it.

Additionally oils are tested for their ingredients and sensory characteristics to make sure that no contamination, damage or adulteration (e.g. refined oil in native oils or so called old oils in cold-pressed oils) occur. However, for proper evaluation of these massive sets of data profound knowledge on olive oil, as can be found at Tello, is crucial.

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