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Laboratorio Tello extends ENAC accreditation

At Laboratorio Tello, the goal is to always operate on the best technical level and to expand the range of services. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the result of the agreement by the ENAC Technical Commission in July 2018, which includes the extension of our technical accreditation scope to the following provisions and matrices:


Matrix – Olive oils (except pomace)

Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) better known as benzopyrenes, including benzo(A)pyrenes, benzo(A)anthracen, benzo(B)fluoranthenes, chrysenes and the sum of the four, by HPLC-FLC.


Matrix – Vegetable Oils

Determination of pesticide residues, known as multi residues, by CG-MS/MS.



These newly accredited analyses, as well as those already known in the olive oil matrix (which includes the panel test, among others) and vegetable oils, make us a laboratory with probably the widest technical offer, both for olive oils, and for other vegetable oils.

Click here to see our complete technical scope, accredited by ENAC.

The team of Tello values the trust of their customers, which enables them to further grow and also sustainably improve service. Please do not hesitate to contact Tello for further information.



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