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Chelab Dr. V. Ara GmbH Co. KG from Hanover as new cooperation partner for the Tentamus Center for Food Fraud

The Tentamus Center for Food Fraud or short TCF² is pleased to announce the new cooperation partner Chelab Dr. V. Ara GmbH Co. KG from Hanover. The TCF² works on all questions around the topic of food authenticity. Chelab GmbH has recently joined the Tentamus Group and expands the portfolio with a full range of services in the field of fruit and vegetable juices.

Using NMR, Chelab GmbH can compare the authenticity of a wide variety of fruit juices against an in-house database. Furthermore, SGF Profiling™ (Juice Screener) is also available as well as the determination of the position-specific hydrogen-deuterium isotope ratio.

In addition, further equipment is available for questions in the field of authenticity, such as isotope mass spectrometry coupled to both an elemental analyzer and a gas chromatograph. The equipment park is complemented by various mass spectrometers coupled to gas and liquid chromatography for the analysis of residues, such as pesticides or chiro-specific aroma analysis.

From Chelab GmbH’s point of view, this is a very positive development, as Mrs. Simone Schmidt, Managing Director of Chelab GmbH, explains. “Our network has expanded massively and now includes a large number of international partners. Since fruit juice and all related products are produced worldwide, an international presence is of immense importance. Here, the cooperation with the local partner laboratories helps us enormously.”

Arne Dübecke is also pleased about the inclusion of Chelab GmbH in the Tentamus Group, because “the matrix juice was not previously represented in the TCF² portfolio. Through the cooperation with Chelab GmbH, it is now possible for TCF² to also offer comprehensive analytics for matrix fruit and vegetable juices with regard to questions of authenticity.”


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Simone Schmidt and Arne Dübecke.


Simone Schmidt
CEO Chelab Dr. V. Ara GmbH & Co. KG


Arne Dübecke
Director TCF²

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