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Tentamus Shanghai teamed up with QSI supporting “Taibao Rainbow Project”

Recently, Tentamus Shanghai together with QSI provided a full range of free tests for nine wild honey products for the “CPIC Rainbow Project”.





The “CPIC Rainbow Project”, a poverty alleviation project jointly developed by the Shanghai Municipal Government Cooperation and Exchange Office, China Pacific Insurance Company and Shanghai bedrock Business Software System Co., Ltd., builds an e-commerce platform to make the poverty-stricken areas natural and simple. High-quality natural agricultural products are introduced to the market, supporting the development of poverty-stricken areas and driving poor households out of poverty and income. Tentamus’ action aims to provide technical support from quality aspect for the wild honey products on the platform and contribute to the poverty alleviation.


A total of nine wild honey samples were tested at Tentamus Shanghai Laboratory and QSI Laboratory. Each honey sample was tested for sensory and pollen, conventional quality indicators, carbohydrates, nuclear magnetic and isotope mass spectra, heavy metals, alkaloids, pesticide residues, and veterinary drug residues. There were eight major categories and 670 test items, including 635 pesticide residues items. The analyses obtained very rich experimental results, which provided good basic material for the later establishment of the database of wild honey.

At the same time, Tentamus’ honey experts also submitted some suggestions for improvement in the current collection period of wild honey, bee-driven methods, packaging containers, etc., and are planning to further study the situation of wild honey in micronutrients, such as trace elements and polyphenols, oligosaccharides, amino acids and other substances, deep excavation of the nutritional value of wild honey.


Quality Services International GmbH (QSI) joined the Tentamus Group in 2011. The laboratory is a world-renowned quality testing agency, known for its high-quality honey testing. QSI has the most advanced experimental equipment and top-level testing in its field. The professional team has a history of more than 60 years in the detection of honey, and has accumulated valuable experience and is a leader among similar laboratories around the world.


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