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Symbiotic Research Acquired AB SCIEX’S Latest in Accurate Mass Platform X500B QTOF

International Trade Center, Mount Olive, New Jersey – SYMBIOTIC RESEARCH, LLC (SRL), announces the addition of a new AB SCIEX X500B to its battery of instruments as of January 5th, 2021.


SRL is heavily involved in regulatory sciences C-14 metabolism studies (i.e. animal, fish, plant) and Environmental Fate (E-Fate) metabolite ID and characterization hence the need for the latest in accurate mass platforms from AB SCIEX. In addition to WATERS QTOFs and Agilent G6530 Accurate-Mass QTOF LC/MS, the X500B will enable Symbiotic Research Qualitative team to elucidate structures of a broad mass range of compounds with optimal mass accuracies and resolution meeting or exceeding current global regulatory requirements.


“Combined with Agilent’s latest in chromatography (Agilent 1290 INFINITY- II series UHPLC), this system allows our QUAL team to achieve their structure elucidation goals in much faster time due to the speed of separation by UHPLC and the inherent stability of the masses witnessed in the X500B,” emphasizes Dan Safarpour, CEO of Symbiotic Research.


The X500B equipped with two turbo pumps is designed to handle large molecules in addition to small. This is advantageous to the SRL metabolite ID team since some metabolic pathways involve small molecules going through biosynthesis and getting entangled with production of physiologically relevant large proteins and peptides (please attend our presentation in ACS National to be held in September 2021). In addition, the X500 Series can do quantification using High Resolution MRM (HR-MRM) mode.


SRL QUAN team has developed a multi residue method using this system across 28 molecules in commercial samples which will be also presented by its QUAN team at the upcoming National ACS meeting in September 2021.


About Symbiotic Research


SRL (a Tentamus company) is a full GLP, C-14 licensed, life sciences contract research organization which provides in-life and analytical research services to its global clients. SRL is located at 350 Clark Drive, Mount Olive, NJ 07828.    



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