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Success in Tentamus Fuzhou Labs

To be more exact, we can announce two achievements in May 2020 for Tentamus Fuzhou.


The Tentamus Fuzhou lab achieved firstly; approval to be a certified testing and inspection facility for food safety in Fujian Province, and secondly had National approval to expand the certification by 190 test items.

The Fujian Provincial approval for sampling, inspection and testing was the first time for Tentamus Fuzhou. There were 8 provincial government investigators and scientists assessing every aspect of laboratory work from sampling in the fields, food processing factories and shops, the entire laboratory process including internal quality assurance, and finally to the issue of laboratory reports. Traceability, and accuracy of data and reports was assured.

In addition, the expansion of National certification by 190 test items was a result of audit and laboratory inspection by State approved auditors assessing the entire process.

These achievements have a direct benefit for commercial clients; Tentamus Fuzhou`s certification and experience can be used to provide expert sampling, testing and certified reports to confirm quality and safety from products sourced in China and Asia in general. This level of detail and commitment from Tentamus Asia provides you, and your clients, and the consumers with assurance of food safety and quality.

All of this is a remarkable success in May 2020 considering Tentamus Fuzhou had only just returned from COVID19 restrictions.

We are delighted Tentamus Fuzhou continues to contribute excellence to the existing Tentamus Asia Laboratories in: Shanghai, Hainan, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Kanagawa and Yokohama. In total, seven laboratories with over 200 employees, processing over 120,000 samples annually, with at least 10 years of experience.


For a full list of capabilities and further information please contact:

John Mc Kenzie
+44 (0)7949 546 425

John Wang
+86 21 347 807 09


We are proud to provide assurance of safety and quality in Asia.


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