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Stage 2 of the Tentamus Academy

Starting in March 2017 in Portland, the attendees continued their journey to the second stage of the program – Shanghai, China. From the 19th to the 22nd of June the participants expanded their leadership know-how, with insights into international business, intercultural differences and the consequences for business operations.

Working together with the Jiao Tong University, the Academy was guided by experts in their respective fields. Touching upon topics such as time management, international business and intercultural competence, the participants explored what it means to work in and with China.

After successfully completing all 4 days of training, the participants not only came back with vast new insights about international and intercultural work relationships, but also had the opportunity to explore and experience Shanghai first-hand.






Freshly certified as “working in and with China” by the Jiao Tong University, the participants are closing in on the final stage in September. Held in Berlin, the Tentamus Headquarter, the final stage will round of a far journey.  Here, a tailored program from international experts, focusing on negotiation, finance and quality management will await the participants. Upon completion, the candidates get a chance to show what they have learned and embrace the potential within them: presenting their projects.


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