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STA KALITE Kontrol Lab Turkey

STA KALITE joins the Veltia -Tentamus Family

As a part of its development strategy, VELTIA Labs for Life® Group – member of the Tentamus Group and Redestos – Efthymiadis Agrotechnology Group –  has advanced to further expand its current activity in Turkey, where a sample preparation lab in Antalya region has already been operating for the last two years.

More specifically, the majority stake of STA KALITE Kontrol lab, which is located in Mersin, has just been acquired.


STA was established in 2011 and covers a broad spectrum of analyses in the Food and Feed sectors, as well as in the Environmental sector. It is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 for a broad spectrum of analyses and parameters, while being also approved by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture.

STA labs provide high-level services in chemical, microbiological, molecular, GMO, pesticide residues and toxins analyses. They fully meet the needs of the local market, the control of imported products in Turkey, and to a great extent, the audit requirements of Turkish exported agri-food products.

The corporate culture being a perfect fit in terms of the quality of services provided, reliability and continuous growth, constituted the principal reason for choosing this specific strategic partnership.

For further information for STA,  please visit http://stalab.com.tr.


Melih Aydogdu, CEO of STA Kalite stated: “We are very happy to be part of the Veltia – Tentamus family, which gives our company the possibility to use the existing network of specialized laboratory services of the whole group, as well as to expand locally into new analytical services, enabling us to cover efficiently even more needs of our clients”.

Thymis Efthymiadis, CEO of Veltia Labs for Life® emphasized: “This is a very promising partnership which will lead directly to further investments in Turkey, in selected commercial and industrial centres of the country, in order to expand our services provided for our local and international partners. It is based on the high-level know-how of VELTIA Labs for Life® and Tentamus Group, on the high reputation of STA, as well as on the expertise of its human capital.“

Given Tentamus Group’s growth policy at global level and in combination with the decision for development in the broader geographical region solely through VELTIA Labs for Life® a new era begins. The dynamic presence of VELTIA in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Turkey is further strengthened through this strategic move, marking the start of an ambitious growth cycle in the region of SE Europe by VELTIA.

Veltia Labs For Life Logo



About Veltia Labs for Life


VELTIA – Labs for Life® is a strategic alliance of the German Group of companies Tentamus® GmbH, together with the Greek founder “Redestos – Efthymiadis Agrotechnology Group “.

Veltia is the new name of the former AGROLAB-RDS, a company established in 1992 by the Redestos Group. The re-branding to Veltia marked the new era of the company’s expansion and internationalization. The new name expresses fully the strategy of the company regarding its continuous holistic improvement, not only in terms of the very wide range of services provided, but also in terms of the high quality and reliability of these services as well.

VELTIA – Labs for Life® and its subsidiaries is the major provider of Integrated Laboratory & Consultancy Solutions in all South-Eastern Europe. The Company primarily serves the sectors of Agriculture, Food & Feed and Environmental Protection.

The Greek company is the “mother” company of a Group of Laboratories, with 4 subsidiaries up to now in Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Turkey, which are the following:

  • Envirolab, Volos, GR
  • Veltia Labs for Life Cyprus Ltd, Nicosia, CY
  • Veltia Labs for Life Bulgaria Sltd, Sofia, BG
  • Veltia Labs for Life Turkey, Antalya, TR


and from now on of course, plus one more: STA Kalite Kontrol in Mersin Turkey.



Thymis Efthymiadis
CEO VELTIA Labs for Life

Melih Audogdu

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