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IFS Food Certification

What is the IFS Food Standard?


To ensure hygiene and safety in food manufacturing and processing companies (including butcheries, butchers, bakeries, large kitchens and catering establishments), as well as in food retail and wholesale, regular and risk-oriented inspections are carried out.

More and more companies are following internationally recognized standards, such as the IFS Food Standard, which is recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). The focus here is primarily on food safety and the quality of production and end products.

The IFS Food Standard applies wherever there is a risk of food contamination within the manufacturing or packaging process (initial packaging).

IFS FOOD 7: From 01 July 2021, the new version 7 of IFS Food will apply, which includes more transparency about the requirements for auditors, as well as stricter rules on food safety.

The consulting companies of the Tentamus Group support you on your way to the introduction and implementation of the certification standards!

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Which companies need IFS Food certification?

The IFS Food Standard is especially interesting and useful for companies that want or need to prove that the manufacturing processes of their food and products comply with the international standard and are safe and legally compliant.


Advantages of IFS Food certification for companies


  • Competitive advantages in marketing and production
  • Independent third-party audits
  • Continuous conformity with legal requirements
  • Avoidance of production waste, rework and costly recalls
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Establishment / further development of your quality management system
  • Ensuring the good reputation of the company (high quality and safe products)

How does Tentamus support you in the implementation of the IFS Food Standard?

  • Internal audits / supplier audits / food safety checks / hygiene inspections: Through internal audits, we provide you with expert, objective and task-oriented support. The focus of the auditing process is on personnel and production hygiene, as well as the entire environment and existing equipment, and compliance with official regulations. Dialogue and consultation with the employees of the audited company has top priority
  • Process consulting: We carry out comprehensive process consulting in food companies. This includes the recording, analysis and redesign of processes with regard to safety, efficiency and feasibility of the processes, taking into account your operational situation and the certification requirements
  • Support in the individual project phases: Conception, consulting, training for employees, implementation, control, certification, audit, communication with authorities and document management
  • Creation of self-control systems: Tentamus supports you in the development of individually tailored measures for self-monitoring according to HACCP principles


With the Tentamus service you get:


  • A global partner with local service
  • Experienced auditors
  • An IFS assessment provider
  • Meaningful audit reports with practical recommendations for action

Requirements for IFS Food certification


For a successful IFS Food certification, companies must meet clearly defined requirements in terms of hygiene, quality, Good Manufacturing Practice and pest control. These are defined by the International Featured Standards, in this case the IFS Food Standard (IFS GmbH) and are checked by certification bodies.

After an initial review (in preparation for certification), it is possible to filter out or decide which measures still need to be implemented to meet all requirements for certification.

The requirements placed on companies include the following:

  • Maintained company policy (incl. food safety & product quality, customer orientation, food safety culture)
  • Implementation of food safety and quality objectives
  • Regular review of the achievement of objectives
  • HACCP analysis
  • Resource management and documented training programs for employees
  • Documented guidelines for personnel hygiene

How can I prepare my business for IFS Food certification?


Preparing for IFS Food Standard certification requires clear planning and strategy. The following steps are part of a successful planning for an IFS Food certification:

  1. Introduction of a quality management and self-monitoring system (HACCP)
  2. Performance of internal audits by third parties to improve the self-monitoring system
  3. Training & education of the employees to implement the measures
  4. Implementation of all necessary improvements

The consulting companies of the Tentamus Group support you on the way to the introduction and implementation of the certification standards, so there will be nothing holding you back from a successful certification. As an accredited IFS Academy and auditors, our experts with many years of experience can provide you and your company with valuable tips and guidance on how to best prepare for certification.

Companies that work with our consulting teams, auditors and trainers not only have a proven track record of improving food safety, but can also make internal company processes more efficient, resulting in significant cost savings.

IFS Global Markets Food Program


Would you like to prepare your company for the future, place it on the market and supply retailers even in times of crisis? Then we can only recommend the following information to you:

The multi-stage IFS Global Markets Food Program was developed for small, medium-sized companies or start-ups.

The goal is to build a systematic food safety program that meets the general and specific requirements of all customers.

Do you need help implementing the IFS Global Markets Food program?

We will be happy to advise you!
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The road to the market


Would you like to supply regional markets? Then you’ll need a certificate. You can achieve this already in the first step – the basic level (optionally with HACCP) – of the IFS Global Markets Food. In addition, the standard may also reduce the number of supplier audits in your company.

A second level, the intermediate level, can be pursued on an individual schedule. Once the IFS Global Markets Food program has been implemented in your company and is “lived”, certification according to the International Featured Standard Food can even take place as the next level via an independently approved certification body. This will give you full recognition as a supplier to the retail sector.


Process of the IFS Global Markets Food program


  • The basic level includes requirements for:
    • Personal hygiene
    • Cleaning and disinfection
    • Pest control
    • Traceability
    • Dealing with defective products
    • Corrective actions
    • Specifications
    • Product release
    • Allergens
  • For the intermediate level, the requirements of the basic level, as well as additional requirements are required. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Corporate responsibility
    • Complaints
    • Purchasing
    • Analyses
    • Trainings
    • Social rooms
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Storage and transport
    • HACCP

IFS Food Certification


The IFS Global Markets Food helps you to build up the prerequisite for a functioning quality management. With the systematic introduction to the topic of quality management, you not only secure your company with regard to the requirements of the legislator – to bring safe food to the market – but also and especially the future of your company.

The requirements of the legislator as well as the (trade) customers are constantly growing. Grow with these requirements in terms of food safety, product safety and food quality.

The IFS Food experts of the Tentamus Group can help you in your future-oriented development of your company. Experienced auditors = “assessors” are additionally at your side until you achieve your IFS Food certificate.

The consulting companies of the Tentamus Group support you on your way to the introduction and implementation of the certification standards!

Contact us at: info@quant-qs.de / +49 89 413 253 55 800
We will be happy to support you!

Other certifications and standards


Different requirements call for different certifications. In the jungle of legal regulations and standards, it is sometimes not easy for companies to filter out the right solution for their business.

The experts at Tentamus Group can help you select the right standard for your company and prepare you accordingly. This includes audits, the creation of HACCP concepts and quality management systems, as well as training and education of employees.

We can advise and assist you with the following certifications:

  • International Featured Standards (IFS) such as IFS Food, Broker, Logistics, Cash & Carry, Wholesale, Global Markets Food
  • BRC Food
  • ISO 9001/ISO 22000
  • FSSC 22000
  • QS
  • VLOG

Our partner for the preparation for IFS Food certification


  • Quant Qualitätssicherung – Martinsried, Germany – quant-qs.de


Contact us at: info@quant-qs.de / +49 89 413 253 55 800

We are happy to support you!

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