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BRC Certification

What is the BRC Global Standard?


BRC stands for “Britsh Retail Consortium” and was created as a global standard for food safety. BRC Global Standard Food Safety certification is aimed particularly at manufacturers and processing and/or packaging companies that produce products for English-speaking markets such as the UK, Asia and the USA.

In the UK, the BRC Global Standard is required in food retailing.

BRC certification (just like the IFS Food Standard) is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and includes clearly defined business and food safety requirements from the British Retail Consortium.

As of February 19, 2019, the new version 8 of the BRC Global Standard is in force.

The consulting companies of the Tentamus Group support you on your way to the introduction and implementation of the certification standards!

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Which companies need BRC Food certification?

Manufacturers and companies that package or process food can be certified with the BRC Global Standard (BRCGS). This includes, for example, companies in the following product groups:

  • Processed foods, both private label and customer branded
  • Raw materials or ingredients for use by food service companies, catering companies, or food manufacturers
  • Primary products/packaging of fruits and vegetables
  • Pet food

The standard does not apply to activities around wholesale, import, distribution or storage of food products outside the direct control of the company.


Benefits and objectives of the BRC Global Standard


BRC Global Standard certification is designed to ensure food safety throughout the supply chain and creates a uniform assessment and quality system for manufacturers and companies that trade in food.

For companies, compliance with all measures and successful certification result in many benefits:

  • Increasing food safety and product quality
  • Development of the British market
  • Meeting the requirements of trading partners
  • Increasing the confidence of customers and trading partners
  • Minimization of risks
  • Optimizing product and process quality

How does Tentamus support you in the implementation of the BRC Standard?

  • Food safety standards: The Tentamus Group supports and accompanies you in the introduction and implementation of various standards – individually and tailored to your company.
  • Support in the individual project phases: Conception, consulting, audits, training for employees, implementation of measures, control, accompaniment of certification.
  • Internal audits / supplier audits / food safety check / hygiene inspections: Through internal audits, we provide you with expert, objective and practical support. Through these independent audits we eliminate possible risks and deficiencies before the official certification.
  • Preparation of self-checking systems: Our experts support you in the development of individually tailored measures for self-control in accordance with HACCP principles and, in the course of this, also carry out hazard analyses
  • Process consulting: We carry out comprehensive process consulting in food companies. This includes the recording, analysis and redesign of processes with regard to safety, efficiency and feasibility of the processes, taking into account your operational situation and the certification requirements.

Requirements for BRC certification


To successfully pass and obtain this certification, companies must first demonstrate the following requirements:

  1. Effective quality management system incl. documentation
  2. Process procedures according to HACCP principles
  3. Regular in-house controls (products, processes, personnel)

Further elementary requirements, which are checked by certification bodies, are:

  • Management commitment to continuous improvement of processes
  • Food safety plan
  • Quality management system
  • Management of suppliers of raw materials and packaging
  • Corrective and preventive actions
  • Traceability
  • Arrangement, product flow and zoning
  • Management and hygiene
  • Management of allergens
  • Control of operations
  • Labeling and packaging control
  • Training courses: Handling of raw materials, preparation, processing, packaging and storage areas

The BRC certification process


The certification process consists of an audit during which all documents are checked with regard to the specifications of the BRC Global Standard and their conformity and effectiveness. Subsequently, if successfully passed, conformity and functionality are confirmed by an appropriate certification body. In order to maintain certification, full audits take place annually.

In order to prepare optimally for the certification and to pass it successfully, it is recommended for the interested food companies to be checked in advance by independent consulting companies and auditors. This offers the great advantage of being able to detect any deficiencies or grievances before certification and to take measures to eliminate or avoid them.

Together with the experienced consultants and auditors of the Tentamus Group, you will be able to optimally prepare for the certification audit and ultimately master it. We accompany you step by step and provide you with all important measures as well as practical tips for a successful BRC certification.

Do you need assistance?

You can obtain detailed information about the requirements of the BRC Global Standard directly from our experts. Contact us by mail at or by phone at +49 89 413 253 55 800.

Other certifications and standards


You are not sure whether the BRC Global Standard is the right standard or certification for your company?

No problem! Our consulting companies will provide you with comprehensive advice and help you select the appropriate standard and prepare you accordingly. This includes audits, the preparation of HACCP concepts and quality management systems as well as training and education of your employees.

We can advise and support you in the following certifications, among others:

Your partner for the preparation for BRC certification


  • Quant Qualitätssicherung – Martinsried, Germany –


Contact us at: / +49 89 413 253 55 800

We are happy to support you!

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