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Expansion of Services – Tentamus Japan Laboratories

Tentamus Japan has been certified for immuno-diagnostic testing laboratory services for human health. The certification allows for samples from patients to be tested for an array of test items related to diagnostic for human health. One of the tests with immediate demand is testing of antibodies IgG IgM to Covid19 virus; essential to the local community and government agencies to assure of community protection and effectiveness of vaccination. This adds to the extraordinary work done in supplying testing services for the presence of Covid-19 virus.

Tentamus Japan started about 12 months ago as a certified laboratory for Covid-19 and has grown from 6 employees to over 20 mainly in supplying essential testing services during Japan`s epidemic, maintaining a safe environment for staff, clients and the environment. This is an exceptional service and for the local human health community, and the retail and commercial outlets using the service.

During the testing for Covid-19 the clients recognised the excellent work and supply of accurate and timely (typically returning results within 24 hours) results. Expanding Tentamus Japan’s services to other diagnostics, a set-up of a multi diagnostic system and local government certification was achieved in July.

“The credit goes entirely to Akira Hanawa, Country Manager of Tentamus Japan and his committed team. Akira recognised very early the need for testing for Covid-19 in Japan and has again recognised a need for the services delivered by Tentamus Japan.”, states Dr John Mc Kenzie, Vice President – Asia for Tentamus Group.

In preparation for expansion, the entire Tentamus Japan team including Isotope Lab (supplying radioisotope analysis of food and feed), will combine and consolidate the future growth in a new facility.

Tentamus Japan continues to contribute excellence to the existing Tentamus Asia Laboratories in: Shanghai, Fuzhou, Hainan, Taipei and Kaohsiung. In total, seven laboratories with over 200 employees, processing over 120,000 food samples annually, with more than 10 years of experience.



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