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Salt – White gold in the kitchen

In the past, wars were fought for the white gold, but today you can buy it conveniently in any supermarket and use it to season your dishes. Because without salt, most people find their food tastes too bland. It is used in every way: from pasta sauce to breakfast eggs – salt is a must-have in every kitchen.


Iodine and fluoride are added extra


The trace elements iodine and fluoride are added extra to provide the body with the best possible nutrition, because many people have an insufficient supply of iodine in particular. The body needs iodine for the production of thyroid hormones and it was already called in the 80s by the authorities to enrich salt with iodine. Fluoride is added extra in salt to fight tooth decay.

The laboratories of the Tentamus Group check the fluoride and iodine content in your products so that you can make correct claims on the packaging.


Heavy metals oversalt the taste


In a recent test, salts were tested for heavy metals and traces of lead and arsenic were found. Heavy metals can get into food through the environment or contamination and other heavy metals that can be found in salt are for example zinc, iron and mercury.


And what should be on the packaging?


The labelling plays an important role for all products – it can lead to the consumer’s decision to buy and must inform them correctly about the product. Salt is labelled in the same way as other foods under Regulation (EU) 1169/2011, but it is exempt from the mandatory nutrition declaration. In addition, care must be taken to ensure that no false health claims are used and that the consumer is not fooled.


The Tentamus Group is your reliable partner when it comes to salt


So that your white gold can work against bland food in every kitchen, we support you! The laboratories of the Tentamus Group analyze your salt so that you can place a marketable and safe product on the market.


Do you still have questions?


Do you still have questions, would you like to have a consultation or a quotation? Then do not hesitate and contact:


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Source: Ökotest

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