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Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR)

The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) were enacted on January 15, 2019, these regulations make Canada’s food safer by focusing on prevention and quicker removal of unsafe food from the market.

 The regulations require new licensing, preventive control, and traceability requirements that apply to food businesses that import or prepare food for export or to be sent across provincial or territorial boundaries.

 Specific regulation details (https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-2018-108/index.html), timelines (http://www.inspection.gc.ca/food/timelines/eng/1528199762125/1528199763186), and general information can be found on the various Canadian Food Inspection Agency (http://www.inspection.gc.ca/eng/1297964599443/1297965645317) websites.

The Tentamus Group, in particular, Tentamus North America & our Canadian lab Labofine, offers various services to assist in compliance with the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR):


  • Product full label review for Canadian Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act and Food and Drug Regulations compliance
  • Product nutritional analysis and nutrition fact creation and review


Further information about the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations can be found here: https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-2018-108/index.html

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