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Juan Ramírez spoke at the V Freshuelva Partners Forum 2018

Last Monday, November 12, Juan Ramírez (General Manager of LAB | Laboratorio Analítico Bioclínico ) attended the 5th Freshuelva Partners Forum. Among other speakers, he shared his Know-How as an expert in the fields of new technologies, packaging and food safety.

In his presentation “The added value of the laboratory in food safety and control”, Juan Ramírez talked about the great influence of the consumer demands in terms of food safety. He emphasized that the development of good practices is sometimes not enough to sell a product, because consumers can demand more than the legislation. This is a ‘problem’ that falls on the producer, who therefore is forced to comply with certain supermarket regulations in order to supply to them.

A laboratory plays a fundamental role here as it supports you to comply with the different regulatory models related to food safety.

In addition, Juan Ramírez remarked that some laboratories, such as LAB | Laboratorio Analítico Bioclínico (Bioclinical Analytical Laboratory), offer producing companies a valuable consulting service, where they are updated about legislative changes and other demands that affect international markets.

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