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Product recalls

Product recalls – how can they be prevented?

Food products may only be placed on the market if they are safe for consumption. If they are unsafe, it leads to product recalls. The most common reason for recalls are microbiological contaminations such as harmful bacteria, mould and germs occurring in the food. Furthermore, products are often recalled as a result of foreign particles such as glass and metal parts or if limit values are exceeded, e.g. for pesticides or heavy metals.

In recent years, there has been an increase in product recalls. This increase is the result of stricter safety criteria being implemented for food manufacturers. The overarching reason behind prioritizing food safety is to offer a safe product of high quality to the end consumer.

Product recalls discourage consumers to buy from the same brand in the future, as recalls tarnish brand reputation. This may cause manufacturers to lose customers to competition, weakening their position on the market.


How can food recalls be prevented?


If a manufacturer suspects that a product poses a risk to the consumer, the competent authority must be informed of this as soon as possible. Despite this, the manufacturer may decide whether a recall is done based on the seriousness of the deficiency. If the product carries health dangers however, a recall is mandatory.

Recalls are prevented by having your product tested by a food laboratory prior to it being brought to the market. The Tentamus Group is your partner for this, testing for the complete safety and quality spectrum in more than 60 laboratories around the world. This ranges from:

  • Testing for microbiological contaminations and foreign substances,
  • to sensory testing, ensuring that the product is as desirable and safe before being marketed.

Do you wish to reduce the probability of recalls being necessary? Reach out to our contact at the Tentamus Group. We will be happy to assist you.


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