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Poor industrial hygiene – the most frequent reason for complaints

In 2019, more than half a million food companies were inspected by the monitoring authorities of the federal states of Germany. The number of complaints remained the same as in the previous year at 12.9%. The most frequent complaints were violations of hygiene regulations:

  • Nearly 50% of the complaints were about violations of the regulations on general company hygiene (deficiencies in personnel, equipment, environment and production hygiene),
  • 0 % showed deficiencies in the hygiene management (HACCP, internal company controls, documentation, training) of the companies

As in 2017 and 2018, the infringements amounted to

  • 9 % to restaurants and catering facilities, such as canteens.
  • The food retail attracted attention with 20.3 % of all complaints.


Food controls in Germany


In Germany, the food control authorities carry out risk-oriented inspections of business premises and foodstuffs. At the top of the list are all food producing and processing companies such as slaughterhouses, butcheries, bakeries, canteen kitchens and gastronomic facilities of all kinds. The food retail and wholesale trade are also frequently inspected.

If violations of legal requirements or hygiene regulations are found, the responsible authorities take appropriate measures: These can be instructions, verbal warnings or even sales stops, public recalls and plant closures.

According to the Production Liability Act, the food distributor (this can be the food producer, the food retailer as well as the food entrepreneur in the catering trade) is obliged to prove that all food law and hygiene requirements have been complied with in all processes.


How we can help you to ensure proper, safe hygiene in your company:


Consulting, auditing and training by external service providers are an important part of a well-functioning internal quality management system. Independent, professionally experienced auditors will put the on-site processes in your company to the test. Additionally, your employees can be sensitized and trained accordingly.  Thus, your food company can be holistically prepared for official controls.

The sampling service of the Tentamus Group rounds off the measures for the proof of your duty of care in order to professionally take samples for microbiological or chemical analyses on site, which can then be examined in an accredited laboratory of the Tentamus Group.


Find out more HERE or make an appointment with our trained auditors directly.



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Source: BVL


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