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Our Pet Food Passion!

Here at Tentamus, we see pets as companions, friends. Just like our human families we want to make sure our animal family is on a natural, healthy diet.

Though many people may not realize it, pet food has many similar aspects to human food. Pet food should have a guaranteed analysis of protein, fiber, fat, and moisture. Think of guaranteed analysis like the food label on our human food. Pet food can contain the same nasty bugs that human food can like E-Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and Mold.


While pet food and animal feed are very important, you cannot release your pet food without first knowing how it will affect the animal.

  • Will the animal gain weight?
  • Is your food good for It’s metabolism?
  • Will your food inadvertently cause cancer?
  • Are there allergens in your food that some animals are allergic too?

It is important to ask yourself these things and find a lab that cares as much about your product and the animals consuming your product as you do. 

Tentamus strives to be your go to lab for all your pet food and animal feed testing needs. Animals come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties so you need testing that does the same. We can perform all your major pet food and animal feed testing in-house and in-network with personal customer service that goes above and beyond.


  • Guaranteed Analysis
  • Hemp
  • Labeling
  • Heavy Metals


Meet us at the Pet Food Forum 2021, you’ll be utterly delighted.


You’ll have the opportunity to see the Tentamus difference in-person at the Pet Food Forum in Kansas City from September 22nd – 24th. Our very own Colleen Villanueva from Analytical Food Laboratories, Dan Safarpour from Symbiotic Research, and Kaitlyn Gerhart from Tentamus North America will be there, ready to show you how Tentamus can be your pet food lab for life.


Click the link below and take the first steps toward becoming part of the Tentamus family. 

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