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Our new Online Shop is officially open!

At the Tentamus Group, we want to give our clients the best possible service in every way we can. A part of this is making our products and services as accessible as possible.

For this reason we have opened our brand new online shop.

Especially in times of the coronavirus, we would like to provide you with uncomplicated and fast access to our products and services. With just a few clicks you can order our services around the clock.


In the Tentamus Online Shop we offer among other things various sampling kits:


  • Surface test for corona viruses
  • Tests for face and protective masks

Furthermore, a coffee sensory kit is available. We will also gradually offer additional service packages.

For our sampling sets, the shop will of course continue to provide instructions for use, delivery times, product images and a clear product description.

Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal or direct debit.

Of course our contact channels remain open for customers who want to personalize an order or who simply prefer to order products the traditional way.


Check out our new web shop here:



If you wish to get in touch or have any questions, our contact channels are open as always: info@tentamus.com

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