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Nutritional profiles of food: Laboratory or database analysis

There are three methods for determining the nutritional profiles of foodstuffs:


  1. Database analysis is based on your product formulations, raw material specifications and processing information. For the raw materials that are basic ingredients, the database analysis uses the statistical mean, which varies according to growth conditions, seasonality, location and other factors.
  2. Laboratory analysis is a snapshot of the nutrient values of a single sample at a single time. Several test points should be taken into account during the year to assess the variability of your ingredients and processes.
  3. A combination of database and laboratory analysis can be used to verify a claim or to compare the results when the situation requires.

How are the individual approaches applied?


There are certain situations where, in addition to database analysis, a laboratory analysis is recommended to create robust values for your Nutrition Facts label:

  1. If there are unique ingredients for which no nutrient data are available
  2. If processing changes the nutrient composition and the changes cannot be reliably predicted
  3. As a tool for validating nutrition and health claims, especially of vitamins influenced by heat and storage.


How one performs a database analysis influences the validity of the results. A correctly performed database analysis requires attention to every detail:

  • Review of raw material specification sheets
  • Understanding and correct accounting of process changes
  • Impeccable data entry and general knowledge of food and nutrient values
  • Careful management of these critical details ensures accurate and reliable results that can withstand control by regulators and consumers alike


The laboratories of the Tentamus Group routinely offer laboratory analyses of nutritional values of food. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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