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Nutri Score Germany

Nutri-Score: From November on in Germany

On October 9, 2020, the German Bundesrat decided to voluntarily introduce the NUTRI-SCORE food traffic light. The 5-segment traffic light system is intended to simplify food labelling for consumers and help them to eat healthier.

From November 2020, food manufacturers will thus be able to label their food with the Nutri-Score on the front of their food packaging – the information is voluntary.


Nutri-Score scale:


The Nutri-Score scale divides foods and drinks into 5 categories based on their nutritional value. This is done according to a scientific algorithm which takes into account and compares ‘positive’ ingredients (proteins, fibre, vegetables etc.) and ‘negative’ ingredients (sugar, saturated fatty acids, sodium etc.).

What is the score a food must achieve to be considered healthy according to Nutri-Score and what is the red E?


A = -15 to -1 point = healthy choice

B = 0 to 2 points

C = 3 to 10 points

D = 11 to 18 points

E = 19 to 40 points = less healthy choice


With the help of the scale the consumers should be able to compare different products (e.g. different mueslis) among themselves.


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