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Perseverance Through the Pandemic

For the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of billions and fundamentally altered the way society approaches concepts like work, health, and public safety. Vaccines are becoming available in many countries, but that doesn’t mean that “normal” will return overnight. However, the distribution of vaccines to the public is one of many necessary steps in a long process of finally realizing an end to this global pandemic.

Currently, no vaccine can guarantee that one is completely protected against COVID-19, though the vaccination can dramatically lower one’s chances of contracting the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) caused by the virus. That said, one can still be a carrier or spread the virus even without showing signs of illness. This poses a significant risk to the elderly and immunocompromised. The virus is very easily transmissible, able to endure many changes in environment and persist on surfaces for extended periods of time.


Nova Biologicals researches the environmental spread of the virus


In light of the proven endurance of the virus to date, Nova Biologicals has expanded its testing services to include both environmental testing for COVID-19 and the testing of products used to combat COVID-19 on surfaces. These new tests help both track the spread of the virus on surfaces of indoor environments as well as determining which disinfectants and types of cloths are most effective in combating its spread.


These COVID-19 services include


  • Surface sampling & testing
  • Air sampling & testing
  • Environmental testing on consumer goods and medical devices


By offering these services to the public, Nova Biologicals is able to learn more about the virus and what can effectively neutralize it. As stated above, there will be no sudden return to “normal,” but every effort to better understand how to deal with these trying circumstances brings the day this pandemic ends ever closer. In the meantime, please continue to observe social distancing and mask mandates to do your part to stop the spread.


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