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Tentamus Implements New Service for Product Lifecycle Management

If you want to launch a new product on the market, it’s not that easy anymore. The market is saturated: On supermarket shelves, consumers will find at least as healthy and tasty products as the ones you have newly developed. And these products may even be better marketed than yours.

That’s the difficulty: companies in the food and beverage industry today are under enormous pressure to innovate. Constantly new food trends, improved technologies, increasing digitalization and automation of production. In addition, there are legal requirements, which can vary from country to country.

In order to successfully position products on the market, you as an entrepreneur should therefore take certain measures from the outset. Ideally, you should implement continuous quality management for the selection of raw materials and ingredients when developing new recipes. This ensures that you meet all requirements and at the same time excludes legal difficulties from the outset and applies equally to the entire product life cycle of new foods.

The Tentamus Group GmbH, with its platform for the management of product life cycles, is the ideal partner to meet all requirements and is always available to advise you.


Specification Management


Food specifications are often stored as isolated units. So it’s no surprise that inaccuracies creep in here. We help you to comply with all compliance guidelines at all times and thus significantly reduce errors.


Supplier Management


Clever logistics processes are a core strategy for introducing products to the market quickly and efficiently.
A lack of transparency and traceability leads to mistakes and misunderstandings.

We support you in ensuring traceability and transparency and also audit your suppliers in order to maintain the quality of your products.


Packaging and label management


Product information can play a significant role in your purchasing decision, so you should think carefully about the packaging and labelling of your products.
But your packaging must not only satisfy consumers, it must also meet legal requirements, especially in an international context.

We can assist you in both the design and review of all legal requirements so that your labels are safe and appealing to the consumer.


With the Tentamus Lifecycle Management System, you can ensure that the development process for your innovative product is simple and smooth, from concept to market, right from the first lifecycle phase of product development.


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