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New regulations on Organic Products in 2020

New regulations for certified flavors in organic products will come into force in the USA  in December 2019 and in the EU in January 2020. Food and beverage companies will have to check if the new regulation applies for their products.


Use of flavors in organic food & beverage products in the U.S.


From December 27, 2019, it is required to use organic certified flavors in organic food and beverage products. Only if “the flavor is not commercially available as organic”, non-synthetic sources would be allowed.

“All flavors must be derived from organic or non-synthetic sources only and muss not be produced using synthetic solvents and carrier systems or any artificial preservative”


New produce & labeling rules on organic products in the EU


From January 1, 2020, the European Union updates its regulation on producing and labeling of organic products. It extends the existing regulations and increases the organic production.



  • The new Regulation distinguishes between two different types of organic seed, namely ‘biologically heterogeneous material’ and ‘biological varieties suitable for organic production’.
  • Heterogeneous material may in future be exchanged, marketed and cultivated without authorisation.


Scope of Validity

  • For a whole range of products, EU organic certification is not an option so far.
  • This will change with the new Organic Regulation, which introduces a number of new detailed rules for product groups that extend the scope of bio to the EU definition.


Ground Boundess

  • According to the EU, organic cultivation should continue to take place on soil and not on substrates or in hydroponics.


Less Bureaucracy

  • One objective of the new Organic Farming Ordinance is also to reduce bureaucratic hurdles for organic producers.
  • In future, group certifications should make it possible for producer associations to jointly obtain organic certification rather than having to certify all of them individually.
  • In addition, unpackaged food should also be able to obtain an EU organic seal.


EU Standards also for Imports

  • New uniform regulations will ensure that the same standards apply to imported goods as to products from EU production.
  • This is intended to protect EU organic farming from competitive disadvantages.


Learn more about the new EU regulation coming into force January 2021 here: tentamus.com/eu-rules-organics/


Source: Confectionary News

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