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New CEO, Infrastructure and Logo at AALabs

Adamson Analytical Laboratories (AAL) based in Corona (Greater Los Angeles) has now been part of the Tentamus Family for over half a year. Since then, many things have changed.

Utilizing Tentamus’s Global Network of experts, the internal structures at AAL have been optimized to ensure efficient testing processes, maximizing throughput while ensuring quality from the time the sample is received to the time the customer receives their results. Additionally, the core competencies were strengthened and expanded upon, allowing AAL to offer its client an even wider and advanced array of services. In light of the changes,

In order to keep moving forward, Peter VanCouvering has been named the new acting CEO of AAL, bringing in fresh ideas and opportunities for the day-to-day operations. After over 20 years as CEO of AAL, Vicky and John Seto will be stepping down to enjoy themselves in retirement, while still providing guidance to AAL in the background and consulting on key matters. 

Mr. VanCouvering heralds from a global nutraceutical company where he previously provided oversight of seven laboratories domestically and internationally, managing ISO 17025 implementation and compliance, and leading multiple improvement initiatives.  Upon joining Adamson, he proudly says:


“Being the new CEO brings with it a lot of new tasks and daily challenges.  This is an exciting time and I am highly motivated to bring AAL to the next level, bringing enhanced services and offerings to our customers.  I’m very proud to lead such a great team and have the resources and expertise of the Tentamus Group providing fantastic support. Having implemented the first changes, including extensive investments in technologies, equipment, infrastructure, and employees, has allowed AAL and the Tentamus Group to grow while maintaining the historic customer-centric relations that AAL values foremost.” 


In light of these changes, AAL chose to modernize the previous Logo in order to visualize the advancement forthgoing.









Adamson is in full compliance with FDA and Health Canada requirements, with the laboratory also targeting achievement of ISO 17025 accreditation by December 2018.  More so, new services including, but not limited to, genetically modified organism (GMO) and honey testing are currently being implemented. 

AAL and Tentamus are excited about the development, together with ARL (USA), BLS (Germany), FDAS (UK) being able offer our current and future customers high-end state-of-the-art cosmetics, nutraceutical, and dietary supplement testing, and advisory services with more than 250 highly-trained dedicated specialists throughout the USA and Europe.  


About Adamson Analytical Laboratories, Inc.


Adamson was founded in 1995 and is based in Corona, California.  Evolving from a broad range of testing services it has developed into a niche market specialist offering chemistry and microbiology based testing services. Widely regarded as one of the US market leaders in the analytical support of the North American cosmetics, food, and nutraceutical industries, AAL supports an extensive range of products to be brought to market throughout North America and the EU.

For further information please visit  www.adamsonlab.com

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