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New Evaluation of Honey-Profiling at QSI

Honey – a natural product, consumed since thousands of years. Tentamus’ subsidiary QSI is the leading laboratory for quality control of food, honey & drugs.
Since 2014  QSI evaluates honey into typical and untypical with their classical evaluation system. To be more clear and precise for their customers QSI decided to change the system.

The current system declares a honey into typical (as defined by the Annex I and II EU Honey Directive 2001/110) if no deviations in the parameters and the entire NMR profile (fingerprint of the honey) can be observed. An untypical honey  shows indications of adulteration in the NMR profile mainly in the sugar area or also in deviating quality parameters.

From the beginning of August 2017 QSI will implement the new evaluation system. This system shall simplify and specify the evaluation of honey by means of NMR. In general if a honey comes in for testing QSI is looking for two aspects, first of all for adulteration with either sugar or syrup and second for the quality and authenticity of the honey. An addition of sugar or syrup would clearly lead to an “adulterated” honey evaluation  and quality issues like high HMF concentrations or fermentation indicated by high ethanol content automatically to an untypical evaluation.

Meanwhile, QSI plans to extend the analyses with NMR spectroscopy from honey up to other substances like oils and essential oils.
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