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Mystery Shopping – Check Your Delivery

Do you sell food via the Internet or would you like to do so in the future? Do you know how your products are received by customers? We check this within an objective and concealed control, for safe food and satisfied customers.

In order for you to find out from the consumer’s point of view whether the ordering process works, whether the products are fully delivered and arrive undamaged, we support you in checking your deliveries. We work with you to create an individual test plan and determine which parameters are particularly important for your products.

With regard to the quality of the delivered products, we pay attention to whether the ordered items are delivered exactly, whether they are properly packed or whether they show damages such as e.g. pressure steles or similar.

A valid cold chain is essential for food safety and plays a decisive role in the quality of chilled or frozen food. Therefore, during mystery shopping, the temperatures of the products are checked at the sample entrance. If the food temperatures are too high and in order to detect any deviations during the delivery process, the food can also be examined microbiologically. .

Just as important as the delivery is the internet presence of the corresponding products. Here we check whether all the information that must be given is complete and correct.

After the Mystery Shopping is before the Mystery Shopping, we gladly support you with regular checks and check whether the optimization measures have shown effect.

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