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Safety of Cosmetics

Microbiology and chemistry for your cosmetics

A high-quality, safe and microbiologically tested product is of great importance for consumers

The BAV Institute tests the microbiological quality of cosmetic products, raw materials, water and packaging materials. Furthermore, through our partner laboratory bilacon, we can check the chemical ans physical properties of personal care and cleaning products, according to the requirements of legislation and consumers.










Microbiology plays an important role in the approval process of cosmetics and is regulated by the European Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009. All cosmetic products placed on the EU market must undergo regular microbiological testing. Exceptions only exist if it can be shown beyond any doubt that a certain product is not a target for microorganisms and therefore a contamination can be excluded with a very high probability. Categories of such low microbiological risk products are described in ISO 29621.

Besides the determination of a total number of bacteria according to ISO 21149 and the determination of yeasts and molds according to ISO 16212, qualitative tests according to ISO 18415 for specified and unspecified microorganisms are also performed. The maximum content of germs and the absence of specified microorganisms is described for each product category in ISO 17516. In addition, a so-called preservation stress test must be carried out as part of the development and release of cosmetics. Its implementation is described in ISO 11930.


The BAV Institute carries out all necessary microbiological tests and is also able to respond flexibly to customer wishes and requirements. Together with our partner laboratories we ensure that your products:


  • comply with the applicable legal requirements
  • meet the desired quality criteria
  • are declared according to the rules


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