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Management Meeting at LAB (ESP)

Last week, Dr. Jochen Zoller and Abgar Barseyten (CEOs of the Tentamus Group) visited the laboratory facilities of LAB to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

Javier Martínez del Río (National Director of the Tentamus Spain), Juan Ramírez Cassinello (Head of LAB) and Rosario Santiago and Juan Carlos López (Head of the Chromatography Department) showed them the laboratory’s facilities and technical equipment.

In addition, the LAB team received a beautiful gift from the founders of the Tentamus Group: a beautiful plant and a basket of sweets to thank the commitment and performance of all the staff who have contributed to the development of the Project LAB | Laboratorio Analitico Bioclinico over these 15 years.


Finally, the managers and area managers of the Tentamus Spain came together for a meeting to present the results achieved in 2018 and the objectives set for next year.


We’re looking forward to 2019!

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