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Change of name: Luxcontrol renamed to Tentacontrol

Luxcontrol GmbH now trades under the new company name Tentacontrol GmbH. With the change of name, the integration process of Luxcontrol GmbH into the Tentamus Group has been completed.

Tentacontrol GmbH is the first certification body within the Tentamus Group accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013 in the fields of agricultural production of meat as well as fruit, vegetables, potatoes, meat processing and animal feed industry.

In addition to being approved as an accredited certification body, Tentacontrol GmbH and its wholly-owned subsidiary LCH Eurocontrol GmbH are neutral classification companies approved by the Federal Institute for Agriculture and Food for the classification of carcasses in trade classes.

With the integration of Tentacontrol GmbH and its subsidiary LCH Eurocontrol GmbH, the Tentamus Group gains a location in Hamburg and expands its portfolio in the certification and inspection business.




Christoph v. Bismarck
Tentacontrol GmbH
Sternstraße 108
20357 Hamburg, Germany

T +49 40 37 86 71 0


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