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Tentamus España - New Website

Tentamus launches its Spanish Website

The Tentamus Group is happy to announce the launch of the Tentamus website in Spanish featuring all analytical services and industries covered by Tentamus Group: Food & Feed, Agriculture & Environment, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices, Cosmetics as well as Agrosciences Services.

The new website is aligned with the corporate identity of Tentamus Group and is intended to provide its Spanish speaking customers useful information about the services such as microbiological analysis, physical chemistry or residue analyses. Just like on the other Tentamus websites, customers can directly contact the service team via the live chat tool.

Also, a brief summary of the Spanish Tentamus laboratories is available in the section “Labs Tentamus“, where helpful information about each laboratory is provided, including the link to the respective website where interested parties can find more information. 


About Tentamus Spain


Tentamus started its first lab operations in Almería, Spain in 2014. Today, Tentamus Spain counts six laboratories in the following cities: Almería, Huelva, Jaén, Madrid (2) and Alicante. The Spanish laboratories focus primarily on food and agricultural analysis. All operate under ENAC accreditation to provide the highest level of technical expertise and to be a reliable partner for many companies.


For further information please visit www.tentamus.es.

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