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Laboratorio Control obtains ISO 14001 Certification

Laboratorio Control, maintaining its policy of respect for the environment, has obtained ISO 14001 Certification. This is granted to companies that manage their environmental impact in an efficient manner, implementing effective dynamics that reduce pollution, encouraging continuous improvement and respecting the legislation linked to this very relevant aspect.


The ISO 14001 Certification has been obtained in many of their daily analytical services:


  • Sampling of water, food, environments and surfaces
  • Physical, chemical and microbiological analysis in food, beverages, water (including dialysis water), cosmetics, environments and surfaces and products of the pharmaceutical industry and identification of microorganisms
  • PCR techniques for Legionella
  • Quantification of active ingredients in biocidal products
  • Analysis of allergens in food
  • Food safety consultancy

Achieving ISO 14001 certification confirms that our sustainability policy is effective, as is the commitment of the entire Laboratorio Control team.

In addition, Laboratorio Control is currently working on the implementation of sustainable dynamics, with the aim of minimizing environmental impact of all our analytical services.

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