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Laboratorio Control attends Indoor Air Quality conference

Laboratorio Control’s sales team attended one of the key annual meetings on IAC (Indoor Air Quality). This meeting was organized by the Association of Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturers (AFEC), the Spanish Technical Association of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (ATECYR) and the Spanish Federation of Indoor Environmental Quality Companies (FEDECAI).


During the conference, topics such as the importance of ventilation and air conditioning systems for the well-being of users, and the latest developments in Indoor Air Quality policies were discussed.

In fact, one of the services with the greatest demand from Laboratorio Control is the Indoor Air Quality Study, which focuses on the revision of the duct network, as well as the environmental quality of the company’s facilities, revisions which are mandatory once a year according to RD 238/2013.

Find information and receive consultations on the services offered by the Laboratorio Control in Indoor Air Quality Studies here.

[In the photo, from left to right: Juan Manuel Castillo, Commercial Department of Laboratorio Control, and Rocío Fuente, Commercial Director of Laboratorio Control].

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