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Labocor Analítica joins Tentamus Group

The Tentamus Group is excited to announce that Labocor Analítica, a laboratory specialising in animal feed, is now part of the international network of laboratories.

Based in Madrid, Labocor Analítica has more than 25 years of experience in which it has consolidated its position as a reference laboratory in the analysis of products related to animal nutrition (feed, correctors, concentrates, raw materials, additives, etc.) and human nutrition (nutritional analytical profile, additives, vitamins, etc.).

The laboratory has a highly specialised team trained in the different areas, through which it is able to offer a wide portfolio of services focused on physical chemistry (wet method, chromatography, spectrometry, etc.), microbiological and genetic analyses.

In addition, Labocor Analítica provides research, technical advice and training services, offering a comprehensive service to its clients, which include some of the world’s leading companies in the industry, as well as public institutions in the sector.

Labocor Analítica is the 6th Tentamus laboratory in Spain and its membership in the Group represents an opportunity of expansion for both companies. Therefore, the Tentamus Group is happy about the incorporation of Labocor Analítica to the large Tentamus family.


About Labocor Analítica


Labocor Analítica is a laboratory located in Madrid (Spain) with a strong accreditation portfolio and reputation in feed and pet food. The founders, Mr. Angel Sánchez and Ms. Carmen Romero have a vast experience in the industry. Currently, Labocor Analítica employs seven highly specialized employees. Please find more information about Labocor Analítica at http://www.labocoranalitica.es



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