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L.A.B. obtains recognition from German entity BNN

L.A.B. | Bioclinical Analytical Laboratory announces that it has received the recognition of BNN (Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren). This award highlights L.A.B.’s commitment to continuous improvements and its motivation to offer its customers the highest quality standards backed up by accreditations from Europe’s leading accreditors.

BNN is involved in establishing national and international legislative projects, which include improving the EU’s organic regulations. It is therefore one of the main references in Europe for recommendations when it comes to products of organic origin.

Obtaining this recognition is very important, because it authorises L.A.B. as a laboratory to provide its services to fruit and vegetable companies that export organic goods to German supermarkets, the main destination for exports from Spain. It also guarantees a quality service to all the laboratory’s clients, as to maintain this recognition L.A.B. must participate continuously and satisfactorily in proficiency tests.

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